Frequently Asked Questions
How much will a website cost?
    The total cost to develop a website varies greatly depending on how much content and how many technical features the client wishes to include. To find out how much your site will cost, please request a quote or contact Carole at 610-497-7133.
If I order more than one site, can I receive a discount?
    Yes. Price discounts are available for multiple site orders. To find out how much of a discount you can earn, request a quote or contact Carole at 610-497-7133.
Can my new site be mobile-friendly?
    Yes. Carole offers responsive design services; creating sites that provide optimal viewing and functionality on all devices.
I already have a site. Will you work with me to improve it?
    Yes. All Web Development services are available to clients purchasing a new site design or those wishing to update/enhance existing sites.
After you develop my site, can I make changes to it myself?
    Yes. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and FTP, you can take over the maintenance of your site in-house or continue to use Carole's service for content maintenance.
How much will it cost to maintain my site?
    Maintenance service is charged on the basis of an hourly rate not an arbitrary monthly or annual fee. You control the cost by deciding how many changes to make and when to make them.
How long does it take for changes to appear on my site?
    Most small changes are made within an hour of the request. Changes requiring several hours of work are usually made within 24 hours.
Do you offer hosting for my site?
    No. Hosting must be obtained through a third party but we do work closely with hosting companies and can provide a recommendation at your request.