The Complete Approach
More than an online advertisement, an effectively crafted website can help a business or organization reach more people, offer up-to-the-minute information and provide efficient service 24 hours a day. Combining decades of advertising and marketing experience with technical skills, Carole Lipari develops customized, web-based strategies that help her clients succeed.


Understanding and satisfying site visitors' needs with an easy-to-navigate, eye-pleasing design will get the message through. Add dynamic ways to interact and those visitors can become customers.


Website promotion strategies can include both online and more traditional methods. From direct mail campaigns to popular social media platforms, getting the word out is vital to the success of a website.


Electronic Commerce is the ability to do actual business via a website. Using secure transaction technology and virtual shopping cart programs, customers can make purchases twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.


The most important website element is your message. Presenting that message effectively can showcase your products or services, improve your productivity and increase your customer base.


HyperText Markup Language is the language used to create web pages. Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari read HTML files and display them as web pages.


Cascading Style Sheets is the language used to determine how a web page will be presented. Effects can be as simple as the color of text or as intricate as a site's ability to automatically adjust its layout.


Every element of a successful website should encourage visitors to take an action whether it's requesting more information, placing an order or simply applying what they have learned.


Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three essential web technologies. JavaScript programs provide much of the dynamic features on web pages and make it possible to interact with a site.


The selection of a memorable domain, design of an original logo and development of an effective tagline are just a few of the ways to establish a strong web presence for a business, organization or individual.